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The Center For Debt Management

The Internet's Oldest and Most Comprehensive Debt Management Agency!

Since our founding in 1989, we have changed our business name several times. We were then a New Hampshire based company and first known as, We're Your Connection.

In 1992, Daniel A. Gelinas, owner, and his brother David founded
a non-profit consumer credit counseling agency that was known
as Family Debt Arbitration and Consumer Credit Counseling, Inc. Electing to act as an independent agent, Daniel first began serving the online community by offering debt management plans and credit counseling services through online portals such as, America Online. CompuServe, GEnie and others. This was several years before graphically designed web sites were available as they are today.

As a result of his online advertising and promotions, Daniel spent countless hours speaking to thousands of consumers burdened with debt and helping those debtors that qualified to enroll in a debt management program that was being offered through Family Debt Arbitration and Consumer Credit Counseling, Inc. It was during this time period, being the early stage of the Internet, that our company was the only known company providing debt management services on the Internet, laying truth to our claim of being the Internet's oldest and most comprehensive debt management agency!

In 1996 Daniel elected to change its business name to one believed to be more appropriate, The Center For Debt Management. It was shortly thereafter that he developed our main website, which you are now currently visiting,

While continuing to develop our website and acquiring clients for
the Debt Management Program, Dan formed relationships with debt settlement agencies and began offering prospective clients a choice between debt management and debt settlement programs. This was extremely beneficial to debtors because each program is dramatically different and some debtors were better qualified for one program over the other, and some were only qualified for one program..

During the years Dan elected to offer a variety of debt programs and a host of financial services through its website. Today, visitors will find all types of services and resources to help them to resolve their financial hardship, to lower their costs, and to manage their money.

Interesting, to date, not a single consumer has ever paid Dan or his company a single penny for his services or the use of his website. Whatever revenues that are earned by the company come directly through our associates and advertisers.

Our website now contains over 2,000 pages of contents and growing! Visitors that choose to explore our site will finds tons to invaluable information and resources to help them get out of debt. We are very proud to be able to state that we are, indeed, the Internet's oldest and most comprehensive debt management agency!

Over the years we acquired some 300 websites, many dealing with
the debt and financial service industry, but also many related to other industries. Realizing that we dealt with various industries, in 2007 we elected to once again change our official business name, this time to
one more generic. Today we are officially known as Gelinas Associates. However, we still use our alias, The Center For Debt Management.

With some 20 years experience in the ever-changing debt industry today our main focus with our debt related websites is to provide consumers with unbiased debt and financial information to the many thousands of visitors to our websites.

Gelinas Associates is an Orlando, Florida based company owned
by Daniel A. Gelinas and his beautiful wife, Delight.With our 300 domains we receive over a million visitors per year. In addition to
our online services, we own a print publication that is distributed
in the Orlando area and is entitled, Orlando The Beautiful.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website and ask that you bookmark us and come back often. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

Over 2,000 Pages of Content
Center For Debt Management

Center For Debt Management

The Center For Debt Management

Helping Consumers Save Money and Reduce Debt Is Our Only Business!

We invite you to explore the sectors listed below. We promise that you'll find exceptional values, offers and resources to reduce your living expenses and to enjoy life! But First—if you're over-your-head in debt—get a free no-obligation debt consultation right now!

Debt Management and Financial Services! The Internet's oldest and most comprehensive debt management agency! Resources for debt management, consumer credit counseling, debt consolidation loans, debt settlements, legal aid, financial aid, credit and financing, credit reports, budget software, insurance, income resources, tax assistance and more. Get out of Debt! Call Now — 1800DEBT.COM

Established In 1989 and Serving The Online Community Since 1992!

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