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  Automobile and Transportation: Auto, Car, Truck, SUV

Automobiles and Transportation

The Third Largest Consumer Expenditure

We developed this sector to assist you with your automotive and transportation needs. According to statistics, transportation costs ranks third as consumer's largest expenditures. Housing costs accounts for 30%, food 20% and transportation 15%.

That means a family with take home earnings of $4,000 per month will spend an average of $600.00 per month on transportation. If this family were able to cut these expenses by 10%, they would save $60.00 monthly — that’s an annual savings of $720.00!

Our objective in developing this sector is two-fold. First, to provide cost saving strategies and resources, such as, information on how to reduce your transportation costs. Second, to provide resources where you can easily comparison shop when you're in the market for a new vehicle, automotive parts and accessories.

No less important are other related automotive costs, such as, leases, insurance, warranties, maintenance, and fuel. Every dollar saved on
these expenses can be used to pay down debt.

We invite you to read the various articles in this sector and to check out the resources that are provided for you below and throughout our automobile, car, truck, SUV and transportation sector.

Featured Automobile and Vehicle Articles:

Get The Most For Your Auto Insurance Dollar

High oil prices and a shaky economy have consumers searching for ways to cut costs and save money. Fortunately, according to the Insurance Information Institute, there are a number of proven ways to save on auto insurance. Click to read more ...

Take Control of the Financing
Before You Take Control of the Wheel

Stereos and tinted windows aren't the only options you'll need to consider when you're ready for your next vehicle. Look closely at your different choices for financing a new car. For many people, an auto loan is their second biggest expense after their mortgage or rent. Here are some strategies to consider .Click to read more ...

What Happens When You Apply For Auto Financing

Most auto dealerships have a Finance and Insurance Department, which provides one-stop shopping for financing. The Finance and Insurance Department manager will ask you to complete a credit application. Click to read more ...

Auto Financing, Insurance and Resources

Auto Insurance Center: Free service helping consumers find the most competitive insurance rates available. Check a network of thousands of participating insurance agents and companies across the United States. Click Here For a Free Quote!
Auto Financing: Check out your financing options. Get a price quote on the car or vehicles of your choice. Click Here!
Online Insurance Advisor: Company is independent resource specializing in the provision of insurance and financial products for consumer. Click Here for the Online Insurance Advisor.
Apply For a Car Loan: This company is committed to locating the lowest rate auto financing that’s right for you, from their network of hundreds of lenders located across the country. Apply by filling out the quick auto finance application and get immediate assistance! Click Here To Apply Now!.
Full Service Car Warranty: Receive extended auto warranty quotes instantly. When you purchase a warranty, you are creating a safeguard against unforeseen problems. Click Here!

Automobile Articles:

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What Happens When You Apply For Auto Financing
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Truth In Leasing
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Auction Guides: Not So Hot Properties
66 Ways To Save Your Hard Earned Money
Resolving Disputes Through Mediation and Arbitration
State, County & City Government Consumer Protection Offices

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