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Creating A Personal Budget

The First Step in Money Management
Is Creating a Personal or Family Budget!

In its simplest terms, a family budget is simply a list stating your total household revenues and all expenses. The purpose for creating a family budget (or personal budget) is to provide a realistic forecast of all revenues and expenditures, typically on a monthly basis.

When creating a personal or family budget all sources of income (inflows) are identified and expenses (outflows) are planned with the intent of matching outflows to inflows. In theory, a budget is designed to restrict an individual or a household to spend no more than its total revenues coming into the household. In other words, it is designed to be a means or system to make ends meet.

There are actually many types of budgets to meet a wide variety of conditions, such as, marketing budgets, expenditure budgets, sales budgets, production budgets and cash flow budgets. However, this article is only concerned with family budgets, or what is also called a household budget, or if single, a personal budget,

In reality, a budget can be hand written on a single piece of paper. Or it can be very complex, perhaps created on a spread sheet or what is more common today created with specially designed software.

What is important to understand, is if you are currently experiencing financial hardship, your first step is to create a budget! This is so very important let me repeat. If you are currently experiencing financial hardship, your first step is to create a budget!

In order to resolve your financial troubles, you MUST know where you stand. You must know how much money you have coming in and how much money is going out. Then you must change your lifestyle to make ends meet. Failure to do so will ultimately lead you deeper into debt and likely lead to bankruptcy. Start a budget today!

As noted above there are many ways to create a budget. Your costs may be nothing more than the cost of a pencil and piece of paper. There are also many software programs available; some are priced very reasonable and other extremely expensive. The benefit of a professional budgeting program, however, is that they are typically very easy to use and they provide a lot of helpful information.

Money Tree — Personal Budgeting Software

Our choice of budgeting software is Money Tree. Their software is only $24.95. And, in addition to the software program, includes The Complete Interactive Guide To Money, The Art Of Money Getting, Think and Grow Rich, Fundamentals of Prosperity, and The Real World Budget Buddy. We do not know of a better deal or a better program.

Money Tree. is the easiest way to start managing your money. It was created from the ground up so that you can create a budget in less than 20 minutes and have all the powerful tools that will help you monitor, modify, and stick to your plan.

The software works by helping you create a straight forward plan with all of your expenses, incomes, and goals laid out so that you have the clearest possible picture of your financial situation. Where other financial products bombard you with bells and whistles, Money Tree sticks to the no-frills, time proven fundamentals of good money management.

Money Tree Personal Budgeting Software comes with a No Questions Asked 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! This mean's there's absolutely no risk in trying out Money Tree.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, whatever you do, start to create a budget today. Even if it's a simple budget hand written on plain paper. However, we believe that the $24.95 cost of purchasing Money Tree will reward you many times over. To learn more about their budgeting program, including a demo video and screen shots of the program in action, click here to go to Money Tree.

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