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Business Debt Restructuring

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For businesses that are experiencing financial hardship, a business debt restructuring plan may be their best or only viable option to get out of debt. Some of the benefits of debt restructuring include:

Increase Your Cash Flow
Oftentimes, short-term debt can be converted into a manageable
long term plan.

Improve Your Quality of Life
Let a professional debt negotiator deal with creditors, collection agencies and attorneys so that you can get back to doing what's important to you—creating revenue, not hiding from creditors.

Avoid Unnecessary Legal Fees
Oftentimes, debts can be settled without the need for attorneys.

Fixed and Affordable Payments
Cash outlay can be forecast and thus managed better.

You should note that if more than 30% of your account payables
are over 90 days old, you're taking chances with the future of your company unless you have a logical plan to satisfy your creditors. Without an affordable and practical plan your company can sink deeper into debt, and it may only be a matter of time before creditors seize your assets and put you out of business.

The SBA reports that approximately 40,000 businesses a month
close their doors or file for bankruptcy. Unfortunately, these
companies didn't have a solid and proven plan to get out of debt.

If you're undergoing financial hardship, don't wait until bankruptcy is your only viable option. We highly suggest that you request a FREE no-obligation, confidential consultation from Commercial Debt Counseling to learn how to: 1) Restructure business debts and pay what you can afford. 2) Protect your company's assets. 3) Keep your business going and avoid bankruptcy. 4) Focus on your business while they handle your creditors.

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