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Consumer Credit Counseling
Services For Credit Card Debt Relief

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Consumer Credit Counseling Services are non profit organizations established to provide financial advice and credit card debt relief programs to consumers at little or no cost. They work directly with debtors and creditors and will work out a manageable repayment program that is typically approved by most creditors to get their clients on a sound financial path — and eventually out of debt.

As their name implies, these agencies provide consumers with credit counseling services and a host of financial and money management educational courses, typically at very little or no cost, to ensure that debtors learn how to manage their credit card debt and financial affairs. In order to obtain credit card debt relief, a credit counselor may suggest enrollment in a Debt Management Program.

It is also important to understand that debtors who are considering filing for bankruptcy must first go through a Certified Consumer Credit Counseling Service prior to filing bankruptcy. As per the new Bankruptcy Act all potential bankruptcy filers must now undergo credit counseling via an "approved nonprofit budget and credit counseling agency" prior to filing for bankruptcy. Chapter 13 filers must also complete a course in “personal financial management” prior to filing for bankruptcy.

The new Bankruptcy Act of 2005 requires that all consumers seeking protection to complete a bankruptcy counseling session and receive a Certificate of Completion before filing bankruptcy. This provision ensures that consumers understand all of their financial options, and that they have the necessary knowledge and tools to develop a sound financial plan for their financial future.

Consumer Credit Counseling Services can be found throughout the United States. We strongly suggest that prior to engaging the services of any consumer credit counseling organization or other debt service that you first speak to several debt professionals. Obviously you can call anyone that you wish and speaking to 3 or more debt professionals may prove very beneficial in finding the right agency. So, by all means, be sure to check out the various resources listed on this page and website.

We highly recommend, however, that in your research you also call 1800 DEBT.COM for a FREE debt consultation. Calling this number you will not only be able to speak immediately to a "certified" debt specialist, but based on the area code you're calling from, your call will automatically be routed to a debt professional in your local area. Today, each state has their own laws, regulations and licensing requirements, so it's important to speak with someone who is familiar with your particular area.

In addition, the certified debt specialist will be able to assist you in various ways depending on your particular situation. So do yourself and your loved ones a favor and call right now and speak to a debt professional. The call is absolutely free, completely confidential and there is no obligation whatsoever. You truly have nothing to lose, except, that is — your debt!

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