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Credit Report Dispute Letter

ABC Credit Reporting Agency
100 Main St.
Anywhere, USA 12345

To whom it may concern,

This is a formal request that you investigate and correct the following inaccurate information which appeared on my credit report issued by your agency.

The following personal information about me is incorrect.

You have my current address listed as: 123 Elm St, Townsville, NY 03432. I have recently moved and the correct address is 525 Maple St., Concord, CT 12032.

You list William Smith as my spouse. We separated last year and I am now legally divorced. William Smith should be removed from my credit report.

The payment history status on these accounts is incorrect.

Your report indicates that The Credit Card Company, account #4763-3435-5666 reported this account as being 60 days late. This account was 30 days late in November 1998 and is now current. According to my records the account was never 60 days late. I have included copies of my statements covering this period to verify this.

Also, my County Department Store account, #6845-5665-6787, is being reported as once being 30 days late. The truth is, this account did run 30 days late in June of 1998. However, the reason for this is because County Department Store relocated outside of my community and failed to notify me of this. I did mail the payment to them as scheduled, but it was returned. Three weeks later I received notice of their move and promptly forwarded my payment. As this was an error on their part, my account should not reflect a late payment status.

The Furniture Store, account #123-343-3434, reports my account with them as being 120 days past due. While this may appear to be correct, the truth is, The Furniture Store delivered defective merchandise. They were immediately notified of this and has failed to take any corrective action. I have written the Better Business Bureau and my State's Attorney Generals Office. Copies of these letters are enclosed. Unless The Furniture Store resolves this matter amicably, I intend to settle this matter through litigation. This derogatory information must either be removed from my credit report, or as mandated by Federal Law, a copy of this notice attached to my credit file.

The following account is not mine.

Your report list United Loan Company, account #4763-3435-5666 as being my account. I have never entered into any contractual agreement with this company. In fact, I have never even heard of this company. This account must be removed from my file.

The following info is too old to be include on my account.

You lists Townsville Gas and Oil Company, account #1232-3443 as charged-off to profit and loss. According to your own records, the date of the charge-off is listed as 3/15/91. It is now more than 7 years since the date of the charge-off. Under Federal law, this derogatory information must be removed from my account. Please do so immediately.

The following inquiry is older than two years.

You list Capital Credit as an inquiry on this account on 4/25/96. This inquiry is over 2 years old. Please remove it from my record.

A copy of your credit report is attached with the accounts in question circled. As required under Federal law, I understand that you will correct all inaccurate information and, failing to do so on your own accord upon review of my submitted records, you must submit inquiries to the credit grantors reporting the information. The creditor grantors must verify the correctness of their information, otherwise the information must be removed.

Upon completion of the changes, a copy of the corrected credit report should be forwarded to me as specified under Federal guidelines. I appreciate your time and effort in correcting these inaccuracies and thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.


Mary Smith
525 Maple St.,
Concord, CT 12032
SS# 000-34-4543

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