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FREE Debt Consultation
  Debt Settlement Services

FREE Debt Consultation

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Take Advantage of Free Debt Counseling!
Regardless of the Amount of Your Debt

A FREE Debt Consultation will provide you with debt advice on debt management, debt settlement, debt consolidation loan, bill consolidation, dealing with collection agencies, payday loans and other financial matters. Take advantage of a free debt counseling session and bail yourself out of a stressful situation.

Simply call toll-free 1800 DEBT.COM and a certified debt counselor will analyze your financial situation and advise you on your best course of action. Unlike most debt agencies, help is available regardless of the amount of your debt or where you live in the United States. In addition, there are a variety of programs and services available to ensure that you resolve your financial hardship!

If you are pressed for time and would prefer that a debt counselor call you at a later time, you may place your request by filling out a brief form. It will take only a moment to do so. Click Here Now!

What To Expect During The Free Debt Consultation

  • A certified debt consultant will evaluate your financial situation in order to suggest the right option for your particular needs!

  • If the debt consultant believes that you qualify for one or more debt relief programs, and if you would like to explore these options, he or she can direct and help you with the process.

  • If the debt consultant believes that you would be better served filing for bankruptcy, he or she may counsel you on how to best proceed. You should note that in order to file for bankruptcy, under the new bankruptcy law, you are required to complete a bankruptcy counseling session through an approved Consumer Credit Counseling Service and MUST receive a Certificate of Completion before anything can be filed.

  • If the debt consultant believes that you do not qualify for a debt relief program and are not a candidate for bankruptcy, he or she may provide counseling to help you to better budget your expenses and manage your money.

Six Ways To Pay Off Debt

Aside from getting financial help from friends and family, increasing your income, or better budgeting and management of your money, essentially, for consumers facing financial hardship there are only six realistic options to get out of debt. See Credit Card Debt Relief.

Debt Management Program:

A creditor approved debt management program is a great option for consumers looking to pay off their debt and start living a life of financial freedom. The program will help you to pay off debts within a period of 4-6 years depending upon how much you actually owe your creditors. A debt management company or law firm works out an affordable payment plan with your creditors. The purpose is to lower your payments and cut down your interest rates so that you can meet up with the payments as well as save you thousands of dollars. Through a debt management program you can also have your late fees and over-limit charges reduced or eliminated. Also see Debt Management Programs.

Debt Reduction Settlement:

A negotiation process through which you can pay off your debts by typically using a debt settlement company. These companies will negotiate with your creditors thereby reducing your outstanding balance, typically by 40% to 60%. You should note, however, that there are risks to using this process and it should only be used in lieu of filing bankruptcy. Also see Debt Settlement Reduction.

Bill Consolidation:

This plan is helpful especially when you need to consolidate bills. Under this program, a loan consolidation company negotiates with your creditors or collection agency so that they allow you to pay off debt at low interest rates. It helps you to consolidate your dues into an easy-to-manage monthly payment. When you're consolidating your debt, creditors may be willing to reduce or waive off late payment fees and penalty charges incurred on your accounts.

Debt Consolidation Loan:

This is typically a secured loan which will consolidate your debt into a single monthly payment. That is, you pay off debts with a large amount of the consolidation loan. This loan can then be paid back in small monthly payments. However, you will need to have equity to secure the loan. This means if you do not have sufficient equity, you may not be eligible for a debt consolidation loan. To learn more see see Debt Consolidation Loans.

Christian Debt Relief Programs:

This programs are similar to debt services listed above except that it involves Christian values while helping you to pay off debt. Not all Christian debt relief organizations may offer you free service. This means they may charge fees when you enroll in their program.

Self Repayment Plan:

Here you pay off your debts without any professional assistance. You have to assess your financial situation, prepare a budget and follow a repayment plan accordingly. Budgeting helps you to avoid overspending and save dollars thereby giving you the chance to accumulate free money to pay off debt.

While you're on a self repayment plan, avoid using credit cards as it will add on to your outstanding balance. Try to maintain a frugal lifestyle while you're paying off debt.

Speak To A Certified Debt Professional

If you are deep in debt and need immediate professional help now, we recommend that you call toll-free 1800 DEBT.COM or complete a request form for FREE Debt Consultation. You will be able to speak to a certified debt counselor who can answers all of your questions and find an appropriate solution to resolve your debt.

  FREE Debt Consultation
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Free Debt Consultation
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