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Expense Reduction Strategies
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Stretch Your Dollars Through
Wise Money Management

Our objective in developing this sector is to provide information and resources to assist visitors and our clients in cutting their everyday living expenses. While our entire website abounds with cost saving strategies and resources, this sector serves as a "central location" for you to fully explore your options and various resources related to cutting expenses and fighting inflation.

Within this sector, we offer various expense reduction strategies and resources related to recurring expenses, such as, phone services, insurance costs, transportation, internet services and utilities.

The internet is rapidly transforming the way we live and purchase commodities. We no longer live in just the little world surrounding us, and thus limited in our resources. Today, anyone with a computer and a connection to the Internet can log on, research and comparison shop for just about anything.

If you could reduce your food or utility cost by 10% to 20%, would it help you? Perhaps it's time to re-assess your mortgage. Can you get a better rate? What about your auto, home and life insurance. Are you paying too much? Buying a new car? Wouldn't it be nice to know dealer invoice price?

To start reducing your living expenses and saving your hard earned cash, we invite you to explore this sector. In addition to the various articles and resources contained within this sector, please remember that you will find cost saving strategies throughout our website. You are advised, therefore, to explore each of the various sectors on our site in order to fully benefit from our efforts. For some very exciting special offers start out be clicking here.

Featured Expense Reduction Articles:

Energy Savers
Tips On Saving Energy and Money At Home

This article shows you how easy it is to reduce your home energy use. It is a guide to easy, practical solutions for saving energy throughout your home, from the insulating system that surrounds it to the appliances and lights inside. The article consists of various pages. You may start at the begriming or any page of interest.

Introduction • Home's Energy UseInsulation & Weatherization
Heating & Cooling • Water HeatingWindows • Landscaping
LightingAppliancesMajor Appliance Shopping Guide

Why Smokers Should
Switch To Electronic Cigarettes

You'll Save Lots of Money
No Health Risks To Those Around You!
No Danger! No Odor! No Smoking Prohibitions!

Contains No Actual Smoke, Flame, Tobacco, Tar, or Carcinogens

E-cigarettes can be just the cure you have been looking for to stop the intense craving for tobacco cigarettes. Better for your wallet, appearance, and most importantly, your health: there is no better time to make the switch than now.  Click to read more ...

66 Ways To Save Your Hard Earned Money

This article lists 66 ways for you to save money. The topics cover a wide array of subjects, including, transportation, insurance, credit, banking, housing, food, drugs and funerals. Click to read more ...

Expense Reduction and
Money Management Articles:

Penny Wise or Pump Fuelish?
Twelve Ways to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Costs
Nine Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs
How To Reduce Your Electricity Bill
How To Save Power At Home
Renewable Energy Solutions
Gas-Saving Products
Energy Guide To Major Home Appliances
Energy Guide To Home Heating and Cooling
Income and Expense Worksheet
Managing Your Expenses on a Fixed or Reduced Income
Helping Disabled and Elderly Relatives with Money Management
Making Sense of Savings: What Do You Do With Your Money?
Why Smokers Should Switch To Electronic Cigarettes
66 Ways To Save Money
Accounts Payable: What You Owe
Money Tips: Teaching Children The Financial Facts of Life
Money Tips: Starting a Household on Solid Ground Financially
Strategies for Saving Money On Loans and Credit Cards
Common Mistakes Young Adults Make with Money
Helping Your Money Last...After Your Last Paycheck
Money Tips For Teens: Managing Money in the Real World
Taking Charge of Your Credit Cards
Charge-Offs: How it Relates to Consumers & Their Credit Reports
Credit Matters: A Primer on Credit Card Use
Default: Failing To Meet Your Legal Obligations
Insolvency: What It Means To Be Insolvent
What to Know Before Declaring Financial Independence
Money Tips At Midlife: Managing Today & Saving For Tomorrow
Getting Your Finances Ready For Your Golden Years
Ways to Cope Financially During and After a Big Change
Mortgage Payments Out of Control? Here's What to Do
Your Credit Record: A Report Card On Your Personal Finances
Using Plastic: A Young Adult's Guide to Credit Cards
Planning For Financial Independence In Later Life

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