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How To Find Out
About Scholarships?

Hit The Books

Doing research can help you find scholarships you may not have otherwise known about. Most public and campus libraries carry scholarship guides. Ask your librarian or guidance counselor for help. Also look under "financial aid," "student aid," and "scholarships."

Check With The Colleges You're Applying To

Most college-sponsored scholarships don't require additional applications beyond their standard admission and financial aid applications. Just be sure to complete and file the applications on time!

Some colleges offer special scholarships (for certain major fields or for certain talents) that you can apply for in addition to any that are open to all applicants.

Ask Employers

Your parents might already be aware if scholarships are provided for children of employees. If not, the human resource department is usually the place to check to find out what is available. The staff there should be able to provide applications, deadlines, and any other information you'll need.

If you are employed, check with your employer to see if scholarships are available. Be sure to get any application forms and information about deadlines and complete the process on time.

Check Local Scholarships

Many community organizations, churches, and clubs offer scholarships. Your high school guidance counselor should be able to provide information about most of them, and can refer you to sponsors who can provide applications and information.

Search The Net

Using keywords like those mentioned earlier, you can find a wealth of free scholarship information on the World Wide Web. Some sites even allow you to apply online for scholarships. But, be careful . . .

Don't Get Scammed!

Unfortunately, in their efforts to pay the bills, many students and their families are falling prey to scholarship scams. For information on avoiding scams, visit the Federal Trade Commission's "Scholarship Scams" page. The FTC works to prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices in the marketplace.

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