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Fraud Survivor Checklist

Investor enthusiasm for the Internet has created tremendous financial opportunities in recent years – for stock market fraudsters! That's because they often use the Internet to lure innocent investors into their scams. But you can survive stock market fraud and avoid becoming a victim if you follow these steps before you invest:

  • Be Skeptical When you see an offer on the Internet, consider it a scam until you can prove it's legitimate through your own independent research.

  • Consider the Source Remember that the people touting a stock may be company insiders or paid promoters who stand to profit at your expense.

  • Independently Verify Claims Don't rely solely on claims by companies or promoters about new product developments, lucrative contracts, or the company's financial health.

  • Beware of High Pressure Pitches Watch out for promoters who pressure you to buy before you have an opportunity to fully research an offer.

  • Research the Company Always ask for – and carefully read – the company's prospectus and current financial statements.

  • Confirm Registration Check the SEC's EDGAR database or your state securities regulator to make sure the company is properly registered or legally exempt from registration.

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