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Food Restaurant Discounts Groceries

Diet and Weight Control Nutrition and Dietary Supplements

Food Restaurant Discounts Groceries

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Food Restaurant Discounts Groceries
  Food and Clothing

Food and Clothing

Saving Strategies & Resources
For Your Most Basic Needs

The Center For Debt Management developed this sector to assist you in finding the best values for your most basic needs, food and clothing. According to statistics, clothing accounts for 7% of a family’s take home pay and food—would you believe, a whopping 20%!

That means a family with take home earnings of $4,000.00 per month will spend an average of $1,080.00 per month on food and clothing. If this family were able to cut these expenses by 10%, they would save $108.00 monthly —that’s an annual savings of $1,296.00!

Our objective in developing this sector is two fold. First, to provide articles and resources which promote cost saving strategies to save on groceries and household supplies, as well, as clothing and other related items. Second, to provide value orientated resources where you can shop for food and clothing at affordable prices that represent a true value for consumers.

Although this sector is still in the early stages of development, below you will discover resources to explore. In selecting our resources we take particular care to only offer those merchants that we believe offer quality merchandise and services, if not at discounted prices, at least at prices that represent a true value.

Featured Food and Nutrition Articles

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

10 Steps To Help You Fill Your Grocery Bag Through SNAP

No one should go hungry in America. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food and Nutrition Services provides children and low-income people access to food, a healthful diet, and nutrition education. They help nearly one in four people. Check out their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to see if they can help you or your family. Click to read more ...

Applying For Food Stamps
Who Can Get Food Stamps?

Anyone can apply for food stamps. To get food stamps, you and the other people in your household must meet certain conditions. Everyone who is applying in your household must have or apply for a Social Security number and be either a U.S. citizen, U.S. national or have status as a qualified alien. Click to read more ...

Food and Clothing Resources

Restaurant Discounts: Where do you want to dine? Locate a restaurant close to you and save on dinner tonight! Click Here!
Gevalia: Discover the taste of Gevalia coffee. Order any 3 boxes of delicious Gevalia coffee for just $3.00 plus free shipping. Every box comes with an unconditional guarantee. Click Here!
Omaha Steaks: Save up to 67% on Omaha Steaks! Plus get three free gifts. Click Here to go to Omaha Steaks!
Diet and Weight Control: If you are overweight there is hope! You can take small, achievable steps to improve your health and reverse the obesity epidemic. Click Here and Get in Shape!
Four Seasons Direct Wines: The best value on 12 superb wines! Save $100 on 12 bottles of world-class wines. Just $69.99 plus receive 2 free gifts. Click Here for this Introductory Offer!
Nutrition and Dietary Supplements: Resources for nutrition and dietary supplements. Includes vitamins, minerals, organic fruit, fish oil and much more. Click Here and Eat Healthy!
Clothing and Fashion Boutique: Source for discount clothing, shoes, fragrances, jewelry, cosmetics and handbags! Click Here!
The Center For Health and Wellness: Provides visitors with lots of articles and resources related medicine, nutrition, diet, medical treatments and more. Click Here to go to FDA.ORG

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  Food Restaurant Discounts Groceries
Diet and Weight Control Over 2,000 Pages of Content Gevalia Coffee Nutrition and Dietary Supplements Food Restaurant Discounts Groceries Food Restaurant Discounts Groceries
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