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Note that each resource noted below is a different entity. Therefore, you are welcome to apply to any or all of them that meet your objectives and particualr situation. We highly suggest that you check with several of them because their programs differ — and enrolling with any debt relief agency requires research and due diligence!

When you click on one of the links you will be taken to their website and will need to fill out a simple form. In most cases, it should take but a moment or two. You will then receive a call for your FREE Debt Consultation. We are aware, however, that many debtors hesitate to answer their phone calls. Therefore, if you do complete the form, please be sure to answer your phone. Otherwise call 1800 DEBT.COM (1800 332-8266) to speak to a professional debt consultant right now. Our toll-free 800 number will connect you to one of many agencies, more specifically, one that works with consumers within your area code and with your amount of debt. Feel free to call our toll-free number and any resource listed below that meets your situation to complete your research.

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Credit Card Debt Relief For Consumers

CuraDebt Inc.

Programs: Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation and Consumer Credit Counseling
Requirements: Applicants must have a minimum of $10,000 of unsecured debt.
Residency: Services all states except Colorado and Montana. Also services residents of Canada.
Certifications: The Association of Debt Settlement Companies & US Organization for Bankruptcy Alternatives

Curadebt has been in business since 1996 providing financial and creditor negotiations, settlement and arbitration services to both consumers and small businesses. In September 2000 Curadebt partnered with a large consumer credit counseling agency, which resulted in huge growth and the ability to offer more financial related services to their 10,000-plus annual client base.

Once involved, Curadebt immediately takes over your creditor calls. They negotiate the best payback terms and debt reduction that works in your favor. Curadebt has experience negotiating both payment plans and lump sum settlements. They capitalize on the good relationships they have with creditors, law firms, and collection agencies, and use these relationships on your behalf.

Besides debt negotiation, Curadebt also offers debt consolidation plans, debt management plans, and consumer credit counseling, as well as other options. The website has many sample letters that have been written by companies that have agreed to accept the debt consolidation and debt settlement offers made by Curadebt on their clients behalf. Most personal debts have been reduced by 50%, and some up to 89%.

Curadebt assigns an experienced financial counselor to each person that signs up with their program. These skilled individuals are knowledgeable about the services that Curadebt provides and they work with you to deliver a comprehensive solution. They have access to a support team of lawyers, credit arbitration experts, lenders, and financial advisors.

One of the best features of Curadebt is how they get paid. They are a commission-based company, which means they earn a percentage of what they save you. Therefore it's in their best interest to get you the best deal possible; the better off you are, the more they get paid! We wish more companies were this honest with their customers. We highly recommend that you request a FREE Debt Consultation.

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Debt without any collateral that can be taken back if you don’t pay.

Examples: credit cards, dept. store cards, personal loans, cell phone bills, legal bills, medical bills, credit lines, health club memberships.

No mortgages, auto loans, etc.
Step 1: A debt consultant will contact you over the phone for a free counseling session. He'll review your financial situation and suggest the right solution to your debt problems.

Step 2: With your approval, the consultant will start contacting your creditors for a negotiation. The purpose here is to reduce your outstanding debt amount or lower interest rates and eliminate late fees/penalty charges. The consultant will also help you to avoid harassing calls from creditors and collection agencies.

Step 3: The consultant will provide you with budgeting tips so as to help you manage your money better. He'll also guide you on how to rebuild your credit and raise your credit score.

Debt Restructuring For Businesses

Commercial Debt Counseling

Programs: Business Debt Restructuring
Requirements: Applicants must have a minimum of $25,000 unsecured debt and sales of over $150,000 a year.
Residency: Services all states except Colorado and Montana. Also services residents of Canada.
Certifications: San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. In alliance with a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization.

Commercial Debt Counseling is dedicated to helping businesses struggling from the pressures of debt succeed to achieve financial stability and success. While Consumer Credit Counseling (CCC) exists for individuals, Commercial Debt Consolidation exists for struggling businesses to help them avoid bankruptcy and to create repayment programs with their creditors that fit within the budget of the business.

Commercial Debt Counseling begins the process with an analysis of your company, debt situation, and cash flow. They also work to gain a complete understanding of your company's history, present state, and future goals. You help decide which creditors you wish to pay and how much you can afford. Based on this information, Commercial Debt Counseling quickly initiates the restructuring process — where they take over the communication with creditors, thereby allowing you to focus on your business again.

Commercial Debt Counseling is staffed with experienced arbitrators and uses a network of lawyers when needed. Fees include an initial retainer and commission based on their results. The retainer is refunded if you're not satisfied with their efforts to settle debt or create payment plans that meet your business needs.

Unlike other business debt companies, Commercial Debt Counseling asks that you hold onto your funds versus having them place your monthly payments in their trust. This aspect left us feeling much more in control of our finances, as well as gain confidence in Commercial Debt Counseling's intent to provide quality service.

Commercial Debt Counseling offers the highest quality, most affordable business debt management available today. If you have concerns with business debt, Commercial Debt Counseling is the best place to start.

Click Here To Request a FREE Business Consultation With Commercial Debt Counseling

Business Debt Relief

IRS Tax Debt Relief For U.S. Taxpayers

CuraDebt Inc.

Programs: IRS Tax Debt Relief
Requirements: Applicants must have a minimum of $10,000 IRS tax debt.
Residency: Services all states except Colorado, Montana and Puerto Rico. .

Curadebt can help you to resolve your IRS tax debt. They are ranked #1 by numerous organizations. They can help stop wage garnishments and bank levies. Save up to 75% on your tax debts. Request a tax analysis right now!

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IRS Tax Debt Relief
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