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Loan Modification, Real Estate Loan Modification, Real Estate

Loan Modification, Real Estate Loan Modification, Real Estate

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Loan Modification, Real Estate
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Home and Family

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For Your Home and Family
— Your Most Precious Treasures

The Center For Debt Management developed this sector to assist you in lowering your cost associated with your home and family, your most precious treasures. We also provide numerous articles and resources relating to various aspects of home and Family.

Also, because of the high cost of attorneys, we provide an array of do-it-yourself legal software packages to assist you with legal issues that families may need to deal with from time to time.

If you are in danger of foreclosure, be sure to check out these two websites: How To Avoid or Stop Foreclosure for some foreclosure avoidance counseling and Loan Modification. You can also get a free loan modification consultation at Loan Mod Yes. These resources just might, as they say, "save the farm."

We invite you to read the various articles shown below, as well as the many resources that you will discover as you explore this sector.

Featured Home and Family Articles

Teaching Children The Financial Facts of Life

We try to teach our kids to be street-smart and use good manners, but teaching them the financial facts of life can be difficult. To help parents, guardians and even grandparents raise responsible money-managers, we offer the following suggestions. Click to read more ...

Guide To Understanding Foreclosure

Foreclosure is the equitable proceeding in which a bank or secured creditor sells or repossesses a parcel of real property (due to the owner's failure to comply with an agreement between the lender and borrower called a mortgage or deed of trust. Click to read more ...

Energy Savers
Tips On Saving Energy and Money At Home

This article shows you how easy it is to reduce your home energy use. It is a guide to easy, practical solutions for saving energy throughout your home, from the insulating system that surrounds it to the appliances and lights inside. The article consists of various pages. You may start at the begriming or any page of interest.

Introduction • Home's Energy UseInsulation & Weatherization
Heating & Cooling • Water HeatingWindows • Landscaping
LightingAppliancesMajor Appliance Shopping Guide

Home and Family Resources

How To Avoid or Stop Foreclosure: Online resources regarding foreclosure and effective methods used to Stop Foreclosure!
Loan Modification: Unable to refinance. Facing foreclosure. Get mortgage help. Save Your Home With a Loan Modification!
Loan Modification and Mortgage Refinance: Online resources regarding Refinancing and Home Loan Modifications!
Real Estate Guide: Provides resources to find real estate agents, MLS listings, foreclosure properties and more. Click Here!
School and Education Resources: Online source for scholarships, student loans, college admission, tutoring services, government grants and discount school supplies! Click Here!
Home and Renters Insurance: To obtain an insurance quote for home and renters insurance go to the Home Insurance Advisor!
Online Dating and Matchmaking Services: Here you'll find a variety of resources to find the perfect soul mate! Click Here!
Interior Design: In addition to interior design services, they will order furniture, fabric, wallpaper, lighting, and home accessories for even non-clients at discounted prices. Click Here!
Floral Boutique: Your source for florists, flower arrangements, bouquets, gift certificates and prepaid gift cards Click Here!
Clothing and Fashion Boutique: Source for discount clothing, shoes, fragrances, jewelry, cosmetics and handbags! Click Here!
Amazon: Offers a wide variety of products at some of the best prices you're likely to find. Check out their Amazing Deals

Family Legal Issues - Do-It-Yourself Software

Living Will: Prepare for a variety of health-emergency crisis with a Living Will! Give specific details and instructions about your healthcare to your friends and family. Click Here!
Premarital Agreement: With the increase in marriages between people who have accumulated substantial assets a greater need has come about for couples to create a Premarital Agreement.
Separation Agreement: If you and your spouse have decided that a separation is best, it may be wise to put the details and expectations in writing. Click Here To Learn More!
No Fault Divorce: File for uncontested Divorce or Dissolution without an attorney! This software package is offered for couples without children looking to file a No Fault Divorce.
Last Will and Testatment: Prepare today for the financial future of your loved ones with a Last Will and Testament! Don't delay the distribution of your assets to your loved ones! Click Here!
Life Partner - Cohabitation Agreement: Uunmarried couples who live together do not have the same legal protections as do married people. It is important that the partner couple address these issues with a comprehensive set of legal documents.
For Sale By Owner Home Sale Agreement: Sell your home on your own without the expenses and commissions of a real estate agent! It's easier than you might think when you do it "FSBO". Keep the equity that you've earned when you sell! Click Here!
Quitclaim Deed - Warantee Deed: If you need to transfer the ownership of real property from one person to another, you will need to create a Quitclaim Deed. Click Here To Learn More!
Lease Agreement: If you own property and want to rent it, this software allows you to quickly & easily create a comprehensive Lease Agreement that is tailored to most every situation.
Land Contract of Deed: If you wish to sell a piece of real estate you own and are willing to finance it on behalf of the buyer, then you need to create a legal document called a Land Contract.

Home and Family Articles:

100 Questions and Answers About Buying a New Home
Making Your Home Safe from Fire and Carbon Monoxide
Home Sweet Home Improvement
Home Buyer's Vocabulary
Timeshare Resales
Timeshare Tips
Homeowner's Glossary of Building Terms
How To Reduce Your Electricity Bill
How To Save Power At Home
Buying Your Home
Getting A Loan: Your Home As Security
Guide To Single Family Home Mortgage Insurance
Disaster Strikes — Am I Covered?
Energy Savers: Tips On Saving Energy and Money At Home
Energy Guide To Home Heating and Cooling
Energy Guide To Major Home Appliances
Handbook On Child Support Enforcement
Identity Crisis... What to Do If Your Identity is Stolen
Auction Guides: Not So Hot Properties
Credit and Divorce
Utility Credit
Why Smokers Should Switch To Electronic Cigarettes
There Are Various Ways To Quit Smoking
Home Financing Primer
Renewable Energy Solutions
Looking For The Best Mortgage
Planning Your Estate
Twelve Ways to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Costs
Home Equity Loans: The 3-Day Cancellation Rule
Refinancing Your Home
Home Equity Line of Credit
Home Equity Scams: Borrowers Beware!
A Consumer's Guide To Mortgage Lock-Ins
HUD FHA 203K Rehab Loans
High-Rate, High-Fee Loans: Section 32 Mortgages
66 Ways To Save Your Hard Earned Money
HUD Rehab A Home With HUD's 203(k
Layaway Purchase Plans

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