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Expense Reduction:  A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned!

Expense Reduction and Cost Cutting Resources

Shop and Compare: Here you can shop and compare prices for dozen of services that you curently use, including cellular, Internet, local & long distance, calling cards, VOIP, toll-free, conference calling, home security and more! Click and save today!

Power Net Global: Long distance service as low as 3.9¢ / min. Simplify your life and save money every month with the best choice in long distance services. Sign Up Now
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VOIP: Free yourself from expensive phone bills with voip. Voip uses your high speed Internet connection to replace your phone lines. You use your normal phone just like you've always done. All inclusive service, one low monthly fee.

Shop for DSL: This company will provide you with a quote for all DSL, Cable Internet, and Satellite Internet providers available in your area. Shop, Compare and Save!

Mortgage Reduction: The Mortgage Manager lets you save thousands of dollars in mortgage interest and increase your home equity WITHOUT affecting your budget.

Payless Insurance Center: Paying too much for insurance? You may never know unless you shop around and compare prices! We strongly suggest that you visit the Payless Insurance Center where you can get FREE Insurance quotes and compare.

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