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Banking and Financial Services

Financial Resource Center: Free checking accounts, free saving accounts, Roth IRA, money market accounts, independent financial advisers, FX and currency trading, no load mutual funds, stockbrokers and more!  Click here to learn more!

ING Direct: Offers a FREE high interest Orange Savings Account™ This savings account has no fees or minimums,and offers the same rate for everyone—no matter where you live, what you earn, or how much you have in your account. Click here!

Mortgage Reduction: Save thousands of dollars in interest and increase your home equity without affecting your budget—and without the typical $395 processing fee! Download the Mortgage Manager, follow the step-by-step instructions and within second you will have a complete analysis of your home mortgage.

Credit and Financing

Home Mortgage Center: Mortgages, refinancing, home equity loans, VA and FHA loans, 125% LTV loans, home improvement loans, debt consolidation and more.

Credit Card Center: A selection of the best VISA cards, Mastercards, unsecured credit cards, secured credit cards, charge cards, debit cards and check cards.

Special Needs Financing: Cash and payday loans, personal loans, healthcare loans, computer, furniture, boat or aircraft loans. Financing for any major purchase!

Business Finance Center: Small business loans, commercial mortgages, factoring, retail financing, equipment financing, purchase order funding, microloans and more.

Auto Finance Center: New and used auto and truck financing, auto refinancing, motorcycles and recreational vehicle financing.

Student Financial Services: Student loans, student credit cards, financial aid.

Wealth Building, Investing and Financial Planning

LifeLock is the ONLY PROACTIVE Identity Theft Prevention Solution backed by a One-Million Dollar Guarantee. Everyone needs Identity Theft Prevention. LifeLock offers peace-of-mind at a very affordable price. Click here for Identity Theft Protection.

Lexington Law Firm is our preferred choice for effective credit repair. Lexington Law
is a reputable law firm and has been a member of the BBB since 2003. They proudly have a satisfactory record with the bureau. Click here for the Lexington Law Firm.

Review Your Credit Report: We provide several online sources in which to get a copy of your credit report from all three credit reporting agencies. If you are in the process of obtaining credit or repairing your credit, it is important that you have a recent copy of your credit file from all 3 agencies. Click here to get your Credit Report

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  • Top 10 Ways To Prepare For Retirement
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  • Truth in Leasing
  • Using Ads to Shop for Home Financing
  • Utility Credit
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