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U.S. Tax Center: Your Online Tax Filing and Tax Resource Center!

Online Tax Filing, Tax Preparers and Tax Resources

U.S. Tax Center:  Your onine tax center where you can efile your taxes, get IRS tax relief, find tax attornets in your area, settle tax debt and more. Click to learn more!

IRS Offer In Compromise:  Do you owe the IRS Taxes? Did you know that the IRS has a program where certain tax payer can settle their debt for less than they owe? They do and you may qualify. To learn more about this program click here!

Articles and Tax Related Resources

  • About Business Expenses
  • About Estate Taxes
  • About Self-Employment Tax
  • Abusive Home-Based Business Tax Schemes
  • Borrowing Money to Pay Taxes Could Cost Less Than an Installment Agreement
  • Do You Qualify for an Offer in Compromise
  • Frequently Asked Questions For Past Due Return Filers
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Estate Taxes
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Gift Taxes
  • Getting Free IRS Tax Help
  • How to File an Offer in Compromise
  • How You Earn Social Security Credits
  • How Your Retirement Benefit Is Figured
  • Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
  • Information Required to Prepare a Return
  • IRS Forms and Publications
  • IRS State Government Web Sites For Businesses
  • IRS Tax Payment Options: Ways To Make a Payment
  • Is Your Venture a Business or Hobby? Answer Has Implications for Deductions
  • Items That Can Help Reduce the Amount of Tax You Owe
  • Need a Copy of Your Tax Return Information?
  • Preparing Forms for Filing Your Past Due Returns
  • Social Security — A Snapshot
  • Social Security — If You're Self-Employed
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Tax Counseling for the Elderly
  • Tax Interactive: Understanding Taxes
  • The Credit Process: A Guide For Small Business Owners
  • Type of Business: Corporation
  • Type of Business: General Partnership
  • Type of Business: Limited Liability Company
  • Type of Business: Sole Proprietorship
  • What is an Offer in Compromise
  • What You Must Know Before You File an Offer in Compromise
  • When Do IRS Penalties and Interest Apply?
  • Who Is Considered Self-Employed?
  • Books Related to Taxes
  • Books Related to the IRS
  • Books Related to Personal Finance
  • Software Related to Federal and State Taxes
  • Software Related to Personal Finance
  • Videos Related to Taxes and the IRS
  • Videos Related to Money Management
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