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The Center For Debt Management: Credit Repair Services, Fix Your Bad Credit Rating, Credit Report
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The Debtor's Guide To Dumping Collection Agencies

—by B. R. Gordon

The Debtor's Guide To Dumping Collection Agencies is a bill of rights for the consumer, explaining what is legally required of creditors, as well as what they cannot do to those they pursue. It defines "harassing activities" and what to do when confronted with them. Hiring a lawyer to defend you in a credit dispute can be costly and unnecessary. Learn how to resolve conflicts without calling in the big guns; but if needed, there are guidelines on what to do when ordered to appear in court.

The Guide contains an an assortment of sample letters to take the work out of knowing how to respond to creditors of various kinds, along with detailed instructions on the necessary mailing procedures to protect you.

Do you know what CR LN RNST means on your credit report? The "Debtor's Guide" includes a glossary of Codes and credit terms that demystify the debt collection process.

Did you know that in many cases, if a debt collector refuses to leave you alone after being told to do so, then you have the right to SUE THEM FOR DAMAGES!

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The Center For Debt Management™ has made arrangements to enable our clients and visitors to purchase this book through The book is currently available for only $24.95 (price subject to change).

Ordering online is fast, easy and secure. If you are being harrassed by collection agencies and want to fight back, be sure to pick up a copy of
The Debtor's Guide To Dumping Collection Agencies.

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