The Center For Debt Management: Credit Repair Services, Fix Your Bad Credit Rating, Credit Report

The Center For Debt Management: Credit Repair Services, Fix Your Bad Credit Rating, Credit Report
Credit Card Debt Management Program and Credit Card Debt Settlements

Personal Finance for Dummies

Financial Help for the Rest of us! — by Eric Tyson

The Wall Street Journal and Business Week bestseller
— now completely revised and updated!

With more temptations to spend money and increasingly complex investment choices, Americans need help cutting through the clutter. This indispensible reference is sure to help you make the right decisions for your finances.

Personal Finance For Dummies will show you:

  • The best ways to reduce spending and taxes.

  • How to establish and accomplish financial goals.

  • Inside scoop on borrowing, debt reduction, and interest rates.

  • How to choose the right retirement plan investments and mutual funds.

  • Complete updated coverage of the best personal insurance options.

  • Up-to-date guide to online resources and software: how to choose them, how to use them.
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This book cuts through the hype and jargon, giving you the real story on credit cards, savings, taxes, real estate, spending reduction, mutual funds, retirement, and insurance — all in a fun and easy-to-understand style.
Be sure to order your copy of Personal Finance for Dummies.

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