The Center For Debt Management: Credit Repair Services, Fix Your Bad Credit Rating, Credit Report

The Center For Debt Management: Credit Repair Services, Fix Your Bad Credit Rating, Credit Report
Credit Card Debt Management Program and Credit Card Debt Settlements

Fresh Start:
The Authoritative Guide To Consumer Credit Repair

An Adobe PDF Interactive / Instant Download

According to a popular consumer reports magazine, almost one half of consumers have errors in their credit files, and 12% of those errors are severe enough to result in credit denial. Many more families have been faced with a recent financial hardship that has left their credit in a shambles. The reality is that most Americans must face these conditions at least once in a working life--if not more. Even though the actual crisis may only last a few months, the credit fallout can last for 7 to 10 years! That is...if you do nothing.

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Regardless of who's to blame, whether it's your fault or theirs, YOU can do something about it. You can restore good credit and stop paying thousands of dollars in higher interest. You can stop the rejections and become a part of the mainstream again.

Fresh Start will walk you, step-by-step, through every legal—and we mean EVERY—method used to remove negative information from credit records.

There is no good reason to pay a consumer credit repair service hundreds of dollars to do something you can do yourself free. And there are no "magic pills" ...No ILLEGAL file segregation (creating alternative files with a bogus social security number or federal ID as some would suggest). This is a solid 4-tier program that outlines a proven system that has helped thousands improve their credit reports, and reacquainted them with the power of financial leverage.

Honestly, no one can promise you perfect credit overnight. It requires diligently applying this information over a period of time. Everything you need to set your credit record straight is thoroughly explained in this complete resource. It is THE Authoritative Guide To Consumer Credit Repair! And it's guaranteed it to be the most complete, up-to-date, self-help program of its kind!

Over 250 'Credit-Savvy' Pages will show you:

  • How the credit reporting system"works" as explained by a retired bank president with years on the inside.

  • NEW and traditional ways to get copies of all your credit reports.

  • The most comprehensive strategies in print on how to register disputes with credit reporting agencies that can remove negative information from your credit file within 30 days. Don't be fooled. To be truly effective requires much more than just checking off a standard form.

  • Detailed explanations and examples of other little known but effective options for improving and removing information in your credit file.

  • Full disclosure of the potential benefits and the risks of many methods propagated in this industry by amateurs.

  • Extended coverage of special situations: divorce, student loans, judgments, old inactive accounts and more.

  • Smart damage control for couples breaking up.

  • Tips on how to add favorable items to your credit report.

  • Professionally drafted sample letters and contractual letters to insure you repair your credit correctly.

  • Easy to follow flow chart and reference tables to help you select the right techniques and the order of progression for each type of problem.

Order Book The Center For Debt Management™ has made arrangement to enable you to purchase this Adobe PFD Interactive through our associate JohnsonLane. This interactive can be downloaded to your computer immediately for only $19.95 and it's comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Ordering online is fast, easy and secure.

Fresh Start will walk you through EVERY legal remedy available to remove negative credit, those spelled out by law as well as those that may be applied through negotiations and other creative strategies. Click here for more information or to order your copy of Fresh Start.

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