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The Center For Debt Management: Legal Aid, Filing Bankruptcy
The Center For Debt Management: Legal Aid, Filing Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy: Is it the Right Solution to Your Debt Problems?

Quick & Legal Series by Robin Leonard and Stephen Elias

Answer the bankruptcy questions that keep you up at night. Trying to decide whether or not to file for bankruptcy? This new Quick & Legal book from consumer debt expert Robin Leonard addresses questions and concerns that may be keeping you up into the wee hours.

The book examines the pros and cons of filing bankruptcy, possible repercussions, and outlines the differences among various kinds of bankruptcy. Easy to understand, this guide includes sample, completed bankruptcy forms.

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Get answers to the following questions and much. much more!

  • If I file for bankruptcy... Will I wipe out all of my debts? Probably. And if not all of them, at least most. (Chapter 3)

  • Will I lose my house? If you are up to date on your mortgage payments or can get up to date, you're not likely to lose your house. (Chapter 4)

  • Will I lose my apartment? Not if you're current on your rent. (Chapter 4)

  • Can I keep my car and other property? Most likely. Most people lose no property when they file for bankruptcy. (Chapter 5)

  • Can I keep my credit cards? Probably not—but there's no reason to. (Chapters 6 & 9)

  • Will I lose my job? No. An employer may not fire you solely because you filed for bankruptcy. (Chapter 7)

  • Will I lose custody of my children? No. Divorce judges see a lot of people who file for bankruptcy. (Chapter 7)

  • Will I go to jail? Not unless you commit perjury, defraud the bankruptcy court or commit a similar act. (Chapter 7)

  • Will someone from the bankruptcy court visit my home or business? No. (Chapter 7)

  • Can I move? Yes. (Chapter 7)

  • Can I change jobs? Yes. (Chapter 7)

  • Can I get divorced? Yes. (Chapter 7)

  • Will my friends and neighbors find out? It's unlikely, unless you tell them. (Chapter 7)

  • Is it hard to file? It's about as hard as filing a 1040 long-form tax return. (Chapter 8)

  • Will I be able to get credit in the future? Yes—and more than likely, fairly soon after your bankruptcy case ends. (Chapter 9)

  • Will I be able to rent an apartment in the future? This is the one area in which people sometimes run into problems. But there are steps you can take to help yourself. (Chapter 9)

  • Is bankruptcy even necessary? Not everyone needs to file or should file. An alternative might be the answer. (Chapter 10)

Order BookThe Center For Debt Management™ has made arrangements to enable our clients and visitors to purchase this book through Currently available at the discounted price of $13.99 (price subject to change), you save $6.00. Remember, the decision whether or not to file bankruptcy is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will ever make. We highly suggest that you read Bankruptcy: Is it the Right Solution to Your Debt Problems?

Ordering online is fast and easy. Get professional answers and make the right decision with Bankruptcy: Is it the Right Solution to Your Debt Problems?.

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