The Center For Debt Management: Home Business and Income Opportunities, Earn Extra Income

The Center For Debt Management: Home Business and Income Opportunities, Earn Extra Income
Home Business and Income Opportunities, Earn Extra Income

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Idiot-proof steps for turning your resume into an effective selling tool
—by Susan Ireland

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Resume by longtime résumé expert Susan Ireland will help you find and take the perfect job. Even if you've been off the market for a while, been fired recently, or are just starting out from school, you can package yourself so irresistibly that you'll be working in no time. The first section helps you devise a strategy for your hunt, including giving yourself moral support, finding your strengths, and selling yourself in two pages. Next we learn how to polish and refine a résumé until it describes you working in your future dream job (not you working in your dreary jobs of the past).

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Notes on special résumés for academics and others, cover letters that scream for attention, and a large section on using e-mail and the Web to broaden your search are significant advantages of The Complete Idiot's Guide over other résumé books, and the samples provided are sure to inspire greatness. The blend of written and visual learning helps move the reader along from point to point quickly and easily, and the liberal helpings of sidebars, tips, and hints make the dreaded job search almost fun.

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Even if you're not management material, you'll find this book a big help and well worth the small investment. Be sure to order your copy of The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Resume.

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