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Agent Scullery hung upside down, dangling from the ceiling of a top-secret weapons factory in the tiny state of Splodno. He was on the trail of a vial of deadly germ toxin that had been stolen by terrorists.

Using his TV remote control, he deactivated the laser sensors in the room and cased the joint. Suddenly he stumbled on a small fridge labeled "Stolen Stuff." He opened the door and there was the vial, tucked behind a moldy container of yogurt. He slipped the vial into his pocket. Mission accomplished. He looked at his watch and saw he still had an hour until the stealth helicopter returned for him. Why waste time? He booted up his laptop, and clicked on his tax-preparation software, completed his tax return (yes, even secret agents must file), and filed it electronically. He smiled wryly, thinking what the Splodnians would do if they knew he was doing his taxes in their top-secret facility.

Agent Scullery
Top Secret

Find Out How Agent Scullery Did It

Dialing For Dollars

Power Ride

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