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Music Girl Hey!  Where's My Money?

You're making $280 a week! At the end of your first week, you get your paycheck, rip it open, and . . . Woah!!!. It must be a mistake: Your check is missing a big chunk of change.

You think: What the heck is going on around here? What kind of chintzy outfit am I working for? What kind of two-bit . . . Hold on! Your employer has just taken out the taxes you owe. You may be a teen, you may not even have a permanent job, but you have to pay taxes on the money you earn.

5 Great Reasons

1. You get to listen to music all day.
2. Some of the employees can play their pierced noses like flutes.
3. You can use the CDs as Frisbees™ when business is slow.
4. You get to see your friends since they spend all their time at the store anyway.
5. Tell older customers that Acid Rock is the new name for Tums™.

Look at it this way: To earn your paycheck at the music store, you rely on the government for roads to get to work, police to protect your hard-earned cash, and laws to ensure you are treated fairly. You even rely on the government to protect the copyright of the musicians whose CDs you sell; otherwise there would be no music store or music industry. Tax dollars pay for a whole lot of stuff we take for granted. Everyone who earns money has a part to play, and to pay.

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Pizza Dude


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