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What Is Fair?What Is Fair? What Is Fair?

I was working cases out of Hamalot Island,
trying to scratch up enough dough to get back to the states. How did I end up here? That's another web site. All you need to know is that I was a Private Detective, but what I really wanted to be was a Tax Inspector -- and I was about to get my wish. All I had to do was scroll down the page, and open the door.

The Queen
She was a beauty, all right.
I could recognize that face anywhere. Her profile was plastered on every postage stamp, dollar bill, and little commemorative plastic drinking cup throughout this Island. She was the Queen of this country, and she was standing in my office.

"I need your help. The people are revolting.
The country's going broke because of its tax problem, and I've got to find out the fairest way to tax our citizens. Travel to our three main cities, find out what's fair, and report back. Only you can help us!"


And she was gone, leaving behind a faded map of the island.

Taxes, I didn't know anything about taxes. Before I could solve the case, I had to visit all three cities on the island and learn about the three types of tax systems being used. Which one should I visit first? All I had to do was click...


Outer Magnolia - Dead Man's Gulch - Hamalot City - Detective's Challenge

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