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Progressive Taxes Progressive Taxes Progressive Taxes
Progressive Taxes

Dead Man's Gulch lived up to its name.
The stage dropped me off in the middle of the dusty street and before I could say "posse," I found myself in the middle of a gun fight. Bullets were whizzin' by my head! I took cover behind a tumbleweed, which didn't offer much protection against the smooth action of a six-shooter. Finally I made it to the Sheriff's office for a cup of joe and some straight tax talk.Sheriff

For years everything was harmonious in Dead Man's Gulch. Then the ranch owners got their tax bills and started a range war. They turned the townsfolk against each other all because of Progressive Taxes!

The idea behind Progressive Taxes sounds simple enough: The more you make, the higher percentage of your income goes to taxes. In other words, your tax rate rises as your income rises.

But try to tell our ranch owners they should pay more taxes than a cowpoke just because the cowpokes earn less income.


How Does It Work?

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Note: For more information and resources on this subject, go to the U.S. Tax Center.
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