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I'm the Mayor of YourTown. I live and work here. I commute to City Hall over local roads, and I pay my local taxes just like my neighbors. The local government is closest to the daily lives of the people. We have the power to impose taxes, and we're responsible for using that revenue to make our lives a little bit better.
Where does the money come from? Local property taxes are our main source of revenue. Our budget is also supplemented by money from parking meters (all those quarters add up) and fines, construction permits, and local park and recreation fees.
1. You're the coolest person at your high school reunion.
2. If you work hard, you can make your city a better place to live.
3. You get a street named after yourself-or you can at least try.
4. You get to dedicate new libraries and schools.
5. You can vote for yourself!
Did You Know?
  • Local taxes are under the authority of the state.
  • Local taxes may vary from city to city.
  • The Federal government often gives local governments additional tax revenue for schools and highways, among other services.
  • City and county jails are for individuals who break state and local laws.
  • What are our responsibilities? The ones I'm most proud of are schools and local libraries. My city government is also responsible for taking care of local roads and city streets. (You won't find many potholes in this town!) We also pay for streetlights, garbage collection, and recycling. We put local police on the street, and pay for city jails, county jails, and local courts. We use the money to make sure our zoning laws are enforced, and for local parks and recreation.
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    Note: For more information and resources on this subject, go to the U.S. Tax Center.
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