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Preparing Forms For Filing
Your Past Due Tax Returns

Get Prior Year Forms and Schedules

The following are some of the prior year forms and schedules you may need to file your past due returns.

  • Prior/Past Due Years (Limit to individual forms)
  • 1040 Family of Forms
  • Schedules (A, B, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous Forms
    • Form 8812: Additional Child Tax Credit
    • Form 8863: Education Credits
    • Schedule EIC - Earned Income Credit
    • Form 2441: Child & Dependent Care Expenses

Prepare Forms & Schedules

  • Complete, sign, and date your tax return. Be sure to include all sources of income.

  • Include your daytime phone number which makes it easier for us to contact you should the need arise.

  • Attach any required schedules, forms, and documentation needed to substantiate all line entries.

Send Your Completed & Signed Past Due Tax Return Form to the Correct Address

  • Past due returns are processed only
    at selected service centers.

  • Sending your past due return to another office will delay processing of the return.

  • If you have received a notice, be sure to mail your past due return to the IRS address on your notice. This address may be different from where you usually send your returns. If you haven't received a notice, send your return to the address in the instructions for the form.

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