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The Center For Debt Management developed this sector with two specific objectives in mind. The first is to assist our visitors in finding the best values available in which to maintain their internet account and to surf the web in style. There is no doubt that the internet is becoming a way of life. Consequently, the internet adds to one's financial burdens. Thus, it is our hope that through our efforts we are able to lessen some of your internet related expenses.

In addition, we realize that many internet surfers have established their own website, some solely for personal or family fun, while others hope for financial gains. Thus our second objective is to assist our visitors in finding the best values available in maintaining, and those with a commercial interest, promoting their website.

As we enter the 21st century, more and more individuals realize the benefits of establishing a website. Not only is it a wonderful tool in which to communicate among friends (and the rest of the world), but the Information Superhighway offers many opportunities in which to supplement one's income. We offer greater detail about this aspect in our Income Resource Center. But the point we're making here is, if you haven't already done so, chances are the day will come when you will have your own website to develop and maintain.

We invite you to read the various articles shown below, as well as the many resources that you will discover as you explore this sector.

Featured Internet Articles

Connecting To The Internet
Choosing Your Internet Service Provider

You hear about the Internet on the news and in conversations with other people, and in advertisements. But you’re not sure about going online. What can it do for you? Is it safe? How do you get started? Click to read more ...

Shopping for Broadband:
Satisfying Your Need For Speed

If you use your computer to shop online, play video games, make phone calls, watch movies, listen to music, or use other “hot” applications, broadband lets you do it faster. Click to read more ...

Minimizing The Effects Of
Malware On Your Computer

Malware is short for “malicious software.” It includes viruses — programs that copy themselves without your permission — and spyware, programs installed without your consent to monitor or control your computer activity.

Criminals are hard at work thinking up creative ways to get malware on your computer. They create appealing web sites, desirable downloads, and compelling stories to lure you to links that will download malware, especially on computers that don’t use adequate security software. Then, they use the malware to steal personal information, send spam, and commit fraud. Click to read more ...

Internet Based Services

High Speed Internet Service Providers: Learn which High Speed Internet Service Providers is right for you. When you're looking for Cable and HDTV, High — Speed Internet and Digital Phone, use Digital Landing to find offers from all the providers from your area. Compare Before You Buy!
VoIP Services: See how you can save up to 90% by using voice over IP services and pay only a fraction of the cost for your call, or even make FREE calls!
Web Hosting Services: Quality discounted web hosting and other useful web services. Create or move a web site over to the pros, for about for 50% less than the 'big guys' are charging, without any headache or hassle. You'll be glad you did!
Domain Name Registration: Everybody needs a domain name and we have it. All starting from under $10 per year!
Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization is very complex. If you own a website, you may have experienced that already Click here to improve your website visibility!
Website Design Services: A complete website creation solution, from custom graphic design, page layout and formatting stylesheet, to advanced search engine optimization by using proven search engine friendly methods! Click To Learn More!
BigCommerce: The Easiest Way to Sell Online: BigCommerce is an all-in-one, feature rich ecommerce platform that allows even the most novice of user to create a fully functional online store and sell both physical and digital products online. Includes premium hosting, unlimited email accounts, free phone support and lots more! Priced as low as $24.95 per month!

Internet Articles:

Choosing Your Internet Service Provider
Shopping for Broadband: Satisfying Your Need For Speed
Minimizing The Effects Of Malware On Your Computer
Net-Based Business Opportunities: Are Some Flop-portunities?
Shopping By Phone or Mail
Billed For Merchandise You Never Received? Here's What To Do
Unsolicited Mail & Telemarketing: Where To Go To "Just Say No"
Guide to Understanding Contracts
You Make the Call: The FTC's Telemarketing Sales Rule
A Business Plan: The Roadmap To Success
Resolving Disputes Through Mediation and Arbitration
Wealth-Building Scams
Essential Elements of a Good Business Plan
How To Right A Wrong (with Sample Complaint Letter)
Books on Internet Business
State, County & City Government Consumer Protection Offices

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