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The Center For Debt Management is recognized as the oldest and most comprehensive debt management agency on the Internet. First established in 1989 we have served the online community since 1992. Our website now has over 2,000 pages of financial information and resources to help consumers to resolve their financial hardship, to get out of debt and to achieve financial independence!

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If you are burdened with credit card debt we recommend that you call toll-free 1800DEBT.COM (that's 1800-332-8266) for a Free Debt Consultation. By calling this number you will not only be able to speak immediately to a "certified" debt specialist, but based on the area code you're calling from, your call will automatically be routed to a debt professional in your local area. Today, each state has their own laws, regulations and licensing requirements, so it's important to speak with someone who is familiar with your particular area.

Notice: If you are not in a position to speak to a counselor right now, click here to apply online and for other debt relief options, such as, IRS Tax Debt Relief and Business Debt Restructuring. 1800DEBT.COM is for U.S.A. residents only, however, residents of U.S.A. and Canada can apply for help by clicking here.

Unlike most debt sites that only offer one program and require that you have a minimum of $10,000 of unsecured debt, the certified debt counselor will be able to provide various programs and solutions for your particular situation if you have only $5,000 of unsecured debt.

The professional consultation is absolutely free of charge and there is no obligation on your part whatsoever. So please, for your sake and that of your loved ones, call 1800DEBT.COM right now!.

In addition, you will discover that most debt agencies only serve a limited number of states due to state laws and license requirements. Calling this number you will not only be able to speak immediately to a certified debt professional, but based on the area code you are calling from, you will automatically be routed to a debt specialist who is licensed in your local area.

For most consumers burdened with unsecured credit card debt a debt management plan is typically the best option to consolidate their debt. Credit card vendors typically offer special programs to card members who are experiencing financial hardship. You can learn more about these programs in our Debt Management sector. For additional resources, go to Credit Card Debt Relief.

For consumers that are heavily burdened with debt, however, a debt settlement program may be a much better alternative. The procedure is very different than an approved debt management program but the outcome typically results in favorable settlements that can save the debtor a lot of hard earned money. Additionally, a Debt Settlement Program is usually a far better option than filing for bankruptcy, which may be the debtors only other alternative. To learn more, visit our Debt Settlement sector.

And for consumers with home equity or other valuable assets, a debt consolidation loan is another option to consider. You can learn more in our Debt Consolidation sector, and for additional resources go to Debt Consolidation Loan.

There are, however, pros and cons to each of these programs and many factors must be considered. This is why you should consider calling 1800DEBT.COM for a free debt consultation. A certified debt professional can analyze your financial situation and help place you in the best program for YOUR particular needs, or as the case may be, just counsel you—and there is absolutely no cost or obligation.

For most consumers in real need of debt relief, except for receiving help from family or friends, increasing their income, better money management, or as a last resort, filing for bankruptcy, the debt solutions listed above are typically their only realistic options to solve their money troubles and get out of debt!

The Center For Debt Management has helped tens of thousands of consumers get out of debt. Some of these consumers have done so by seeking professional help through the resources that we provide. Others have done so completely on their own using our website for guidance and valuable financial information.

Here you will find over 2,000 pages of real content relating to debt, money management, financial aid, and most other financial matters. In most of our sectors you will find dozens of articles and resources. So be sure to visit all of our sectors listed in our navigation bars.

We also provide additional online resources to further assist you in your research. In today economy, many consumers are in need of a Loan Modification, or want to know how to Stop Foreclosure. Still others may be looking for a Consumer Credit Counseling agency that is located in their area or need to Consolidate Student Loans. Whatever the situation, if it's financial related, chances are we have real solutions and/or online resources to help you.

We invite you to explore our website and hope that we are able to help you resolve your financial hardship, or simply help you with your money management and financial needs. Please note, however, that we are currently updating our entire site, so until we are able to complete all 2,000 plus pages you will see a mixture of our new pages and our older pages which are formatted completely different.

Thank you for visiting and remember—to get professional one on one personal help — simply dial toll-free 1800 DEBT.COM. Do it now! You have nothing to lose — that is, Except For Your Debt!

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